Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Indonesian Citizens Protest to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Jakarta

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World News - Indonesia News Portal, Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Jakarta, migrant labor activists protested today, Friday (17/04/2015), the Saudi government following the execution of two Indonesian workers in a row within a period of just three days.

Siti bint Zaenab and Karni Merdi Tarsim beheaded (put to death) without prior notice or notification to the Indonesian government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a cast of two letter of protest to the Saudi government.

'Solidarity Against Execution TKI Dead' which was held in front of the Saudi Embassy, ​​among others initiated by labor advocacy group Migrant Care. After rallying in the Saudi Embassy, ​​mass plans to continue their action to the State Palace.

"We demand Jokowi not silent. It is enough migrant workers lost their lives, "said Executive Director of Migrant Care Anis Hidayah.

Anis directly mobilize online via petition to try to stop the execution of other migrant workers. "Diplomacy as usual should be increased to a high level diplomacy. Jokowi President must intervene, "he told reporters in the petition.

Told reporters Indonesia, Anis said the Indonesian government should immediately prepare a plan for short-term and long-term to protect workers.

"For the short term, the most important tell President Jokowi. Tell him straight secata information regarding migrant workers. Release the names of those facing the death penalty as well as the latest developments of their case, "said Anis.

Karni were beheaded on Thursday (16/42015) yesterday, there was already a waiting list of execution in Saudi. Although efforts were made to save him RI, Karni release process of the death penalty is quite difficult, because the murder case by Karni relatively heavy.

Karni was sentenced to death in 2013 as a result of killing her employer's son who was four years old by the way slaughtered during sleep.

"When the victim's father knew his son was killed, he immediately turns speeding and collisions. Four people become victims. Two dead, two wounded." said Director of the Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Legal Entities Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Then Muhammad Iqbal.

Under Saudi law, the killer could be released from the death penalty only if it receives forgiveness from the families of the victims. However, the victim's family did not give forgiveness Karni.

Two days before that, on Tuesday (14/4), Siti Zaenab executed for stabbing her employer when she djambak stomach, beaten, and strangled by the employer.


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